100% Organic

The farmers of Café Mam coffee encourage growth by practicing terracing, composting, and regenerative pruning. They must also plant leguminous shade trees and establish a seedling nursery before their harvest is classified as organic. Beneficial insects are used to control one of the most damaging coffee pests, la broca - a tiny beetle. The farmers use biological remedies for plant diseases and pests.

Each sack of coffee has an 'audit trail' to ensure that it does not contact any chemicals in the growing, cleaning, drying, milling, bagging, transport, shipping, import customs, USDA inspection, warehousing, roasting or packaging process. The entire process is certified 100% organic by Oregon Tilth. In many years of residue testing, no pesticides or herbicides have ever been detected. Café Mam's decaf, 'Swiss Water Process', is also a certified organic process. We feel confident in stating that our coffee is free of contaminants.