Wholesale Account Manager

Job Description Overview

The main function of this role is to be the interface between Café Mam and our wholesale accounts. It requires developing and maintaining relationships with the different actors in wholesale settings (grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.) including owners, buyers, managers, and marketing departments. You will be offering support to the accounts to meet their needs from us as vendors, and providing promotional opportunities to help sell our coffee. It is necessary to be familiar with the individual accounts, keeping up-to-date info on contacts, the equipment we are providing, what products they sell, and sales trends to have an understanding of how our products are moving in these different venues.

As a relationship, sustainability, and mission-focused company, performing the above function relies heavily on learning and telling the Café Mam story. Our story is how we distinguish ourselves from other coffee providers. Knowing the details and how to speak of our long-standing, direct relationships, ethical sourcing, and sustainable business practices (for both the people and the planet) will be your most useful tool for success. Learning the different products, and support we offer and their best application will also be important in providing customers with what they need to sell Café Mam coffee successfully.

It also requires organization and communication with the different departments at Café Mam to ensure all the needs and tasks required to fulfill the services we offer our accounts are happening effectively and positively.

The Job in Action:

  • Maintain quarterly check-ins with each grocery wholesale account to see if their needs are met. Note if there have been any changes to the products they offer, or if there are any changes to the organization (i.e. new buyer or contact). Offer new products we may have or existing products that they don’t yet carry. See if there are any promotions they would like to run in the following quarter. Setting up promotions for stores in advance is key to making promotions effective. It’s important to have a sufficient amount of time to communicate what is happening to the office and the delivery team, get all the details correct (start and end date for invoicing, what discounts will be given on what products, etc.), and leave space for scheduling demos, passive sampling, or taking advantage of other marketing opportunities that might be available (such as advertising in newsletters, weekly ads, etc.). This planning helps to make the promotion as effective as possible.

  • Being a point of contact and communication for our existing corporate accounts and any new ones that are established. Albertsons, Safeway, New Seasons, Ray’s, and Market of Choice are all accounts that are challenging to communicate with given their size and structure. Making connections in these markets, and learning their promotional systems will be part of your responsibilities. Trying to develop new paths and ways of expansion in those stores are goals of this position..

  • 6 month - 1 yr check-in with non-grocery accounts. This will vary depending on trends you see in their sales. Check-in to see if their needs are being met. Do they need any marketing materials, are they happy with the product they are receiving, have there been any changes to the products they offer, are there any changes to their organization (e.g. new contact, new owners, etc.)? Check-in on any equipment they have that has been provided by Café Mam. See how it is functioning for them, and schedule any repairs, maintenance, or replacements with the equipment department.

  • With every wholesale account, it will be your responsibility to track changes and make notes and updates on appropriate platforms (Trello/QB/Social Media), and to maintain an up-to-date store locator on our website. In the event of a business closing or selling to new owners, it will be your job to follow up with them in hopes of continuing working with them, or to arrange the collection of any equipment that belongs to Café Mam, and inform appropriate coworkers of changes. If it is a new owner who wants to maintain the relationship, it will be your job to collect all necessary account info, provide guidance with ordering procedures, and communicate who we are and what we do/offer.

  • Using various Quickbooks (QB) functions to perform your normal job duties. You will need to pull data by running regular reports on each account, and you will need to place orders for accounts. This will include sending samples or marketing materials when requested or making scheduled delivery route calls. You will also be in charge of keeping all contact and notes up to date for each wholesale account in QB.

  • Tracking monthly sales by item through QB and spreadsheet creation. This should be done monthly for every wholesale account. Data should be collected to track the products we sell and how well they are moving in a venue. It is part of the role to know how each item has been selling. This can help to inform decisions and work proactively to improve product performance by offering promotions on a slow-moving product, or by offering suggestions of a product change.

  • Tracking equipment in accounts. We must address any closing account or account that decides to stop using our coffee in a reasonable timeframe to collect any equipment or property we have lent to them. This means utilizing the monthly sales tracking to identify if an account with equipment has stopped ordering products specific to the equipment.

  • Regular communication between the different departments at Café Mam to ensure people understand anything out of the ordinary that is happening with a wholesale account, and to get clarity and feedback from office or delivery representatives about what they hear and see happening in the accounts. Work with the delivery team to maintain a clean and respectable presentation of our product and branding in various venues and forms. Work with the Demo Coordinator in planning and scheduling demos where needed and to align with promotions happening in stores.

  • Regular communication with the team's Salesperson. It will be part of your job to welcome a new account and be available for help getting them up and running with Café Mam. This includes setting up a Trello card and planning future communication and upkeep of the account. The Salesperson will inform you of new accounts, provide all available information, and facilitate an introduction. This will be the point when an account has been onboarded and set up in QuickBooks, the initial order has been placed, and they are ready to be transitioned to a regular wholesale account.

  • Occasional participation in Café Mam events. These will be events that we work where you will be interacting with the natural foods or farming communities we are a part of. It will be an opportunity to make personal connections to folks selling our coffee or to network with potential new accounts.

  • Yearly in-person meetings with wholesale accounts within our delivery area. This means riding along with our delivery employees on their normal routes once a year or stopping by accounts on your own. This will allow you to meet the folks selling our coffee and personally connect with buyers and managers. This will help to provide a connection and make regular indirect communication easier. Folks are more likely and more willing to engage and discuss things with someone they know vs. a stranger on the other end of an email or phone call. It will also allow you to see, in person, the different venues we are being sold in, and what needs they might have in terms of updated signage, labels, etc. It will also foster a good working relationship between you and the delivery folks who will often be the ones to provide the services, products, and items discussed between you and a buyer.

  • Though you will not be a regular office employee, you will be cross-trained and expected to learn the ins and outs of the daily tasks of the office, such as invoicing, ordering coffee, and taking orders. You will not be regularly scheduled for office shifts, but you might be asked to cover as a backup when someone is on a break or vacation, or when someone has called out sick. There will also be occasions where you will be asked to take care of wholesale inquiries, should the Salesperson be out sick or on vacation. 

Work Arrangements:

This position is full-time and takes place at the coffee roaster. Being plugged into the daily happenings, knowing the realities of the routes and order fulfillment, the regular use of QuickBooks for invoicing and sales tracking, and having regular communication with the office and employees, are all reasons that make this an in-person role. 


Starting pay is $22 to $25 per hour, based on experience. Non-exempt, full-time, 40 hours per week, with benefits package which includes employer paid medical and vision insurance, and paid vacation, sick, and holiday time.

To Apply:

Send an email to jobs@cafemam.com with your resume and a short cover letter telling us why you want to work at Café Mam. Please note that resumes received without cover letters will not be considered.