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Organic, Fair Trade, Shade-Grown Coffee

Certified Organic

The farmers of Café Mam coffee encourage plant growth by practicing terracing, composting, and regenerative pruning. They must also plant leguminous shade trees and establish a seedling nursery before their harvest is classified as organic. Beneficial insects are used to control one of the most damaging coffee pests, la broca - a tiny beetle.

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Climate Change Fund

The principles of sustainability influence all aspects of our business. The exclusive use of certified organic coffee is essential. We are committed to using recycled materials or materials that are readily recycled everywhere we can. All of our coffee is packaged in natural kraft bags with compostable, plant-based linings and are 100% compostable and biodegradable (except for the tin ties).

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Certified Fair Trade

We seek to encourage indigenous farmers to better their social and physical environment by paying a fair trade or better rate for a high-quality product, to offer this high-quality product to consumers across the globe for a reasonable price, and to provide a right livelihood to the wonderful folks who work here.

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