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Organic, Fair Trade, Shade-Grown Coffee

100% Certified Organic

Each sack of coffee has an 'audit trail' to ensure that it does not contact any chemicals in the growing, cleaning, drying, milling, bagging, transport, import customs, USDA inspection, warehousing, roasting or packaging process.

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Climate Change Fund

In 2019, Café Mam implemented a Climate Change Mitigation Fund for our farming partners in Chiapas, Mexico. To date, this fund has totaled over $108,000 USD, and has resulted in the planting of over 8000 trees on 3,400 acres, and more!

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Certified Fair Trade

The cornerstone of Café Mam's social responsibility has been our recognition of a living-wage-based coffee price. The price per pound of coffee paid to the farmers has been calculated to sustain and support a family in the region.

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