Please contact us by email at coffee@cafemam.com, or by phone at (541) 338-9585 or 888-Café-Mam. We are available to assist you Monday-Friday 8am-4pm PST.

See our Return Policy.

We recommend storing coffee in an airtight container, such as our coffee storage canisters, and keeping it in a cool, dry place away from heat and light, avoiding temperature fluctuations as much as possible. If you choose to store your coffee in the freezer, avoid thawing and refreezing as this can lead to compromised flavor.

Therapy Roast is the lightly roasted coffee of choice for use in coffee enemas. We offer a complimentary Therapy grind for Therapy Roast, a discount that has saved customers over $140,000 in grinding costs. As a coffee company, we cannot offer medical advice - please contact your healthcare provider for any information or questions about coffee enemas.

We work with an accredited lab for regular third-party testing of our green coffee. You can read more about this process and view our lab results on our Green Coffee Lab Results page.

Contact our office for shipping quotes and to place an international order.

We sell our coffee to all sizes of accounts from grocery stores to cafes, and institutions. Visit our Wholesale Information Request page to learn more.

We offer special pricing for workspaces, offices, and wellness centers. Contact our office for more information.

We offer a Buying Club Discount of 10% off coffee prices for individuals placing group orders of 25 pounds and over! This is a great way to bring your family, friends, and neighbors together and save by placing one large group order. This offer cannot be applied to Therapy Roast purchases. Contact our office to set up your Buying Club.

Royal Blue Organics donates 2% of Café Mam coffee sales to nonprofit organizations dedicated to organic, social justice, and environmental causes. In addition, Café Mam supports many other nonprofit organizations through in-kind coffee donations, with a special focus on local community events. For more information, see our Donation Request page.

We sell organic, unroasted, “green” coffee beans, by the pound for home roasting. Available in regular (caffeinated) or Swiss Water Process decaffeinated. Please contact our office to place an order for green beans.

We offer a variety of grind levels to suit your brewing methods, from very fine grind #1 (Turkish) to very coarse grind #13 (cold water extract). Grind options are available under the pull-down menu on each coffee page. Contact our office with questions about the best grind for your brewing method.

Grown and certified fair trade by small producers SPP (Simbolo de Pequenos Productores); certified organic by Oregon Tilth.