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Organic, fair trade, sustainable, shade-grown, and bird-friendly coffee. Roasted to-order in Eugene, Oregon.

Light: Here you have a bright and vibrant coffee, with fruity and floral notes. It has a delicate nutty body. It is slightly more acidic than darker roasts, with less overall sweetness.

Medium: Here is where the roasting process starts to bring out more notes of sugar browning in the coffee. Coffee in this range has a smooth, unobtrusive body, and increased sweetness. You will find notes of vanilla, honey, cocoa, milk chocolate, nuts, and fruit all coming together in a structured, balanced cup.

Medium-dark: Coffee roasted in this range will have oils starting to show on the surface of the bean. Expect a rich, complex, full-bodied cup. Notes of dark chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts, and spice, with sweetness in the finish.

Dark: At the darkest end of our roasting spectrum, you will find deep brown, oily beans. The flavors that came from the origin of the bean share the cup with the flavors of the roasting process. Bold and smoky with notes of baker's chocolate and dark brown sugar. For those who like a robust, heavy-bodied cup.

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  • Therapy Roast
    Organic, fair trade, coffee, Therapy Roast for enema use.
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