January 2022 Price Increase

It has been over seven years since our last price increase on coffee, and in the last two years, we have seen significant increases in virtually all aspects of operation. From shipping costs to materials, production, packaging, to the green coffee itself, prices are up. We have absorbed what costs we can throughout the pandemic to postpone this as long as possible, but this is a necessary step for us to take at this time as a small, family-run business.

This increase will help us continue and expand our sustainability efforts, as well as continue our commitment to being exploitation-free throughout our supply chain. By that, we mean ensuring a living wage for both our farming partners and employees as their cost of living increases, as well as maintaining health benefits for all our employees and their families. We will maintain the fund for climate change mitigation efforts in Chiapas, as well as continue to donate 2% of our sales to nonprofit organizations dedicated to organic agriculture, social justice, and environmental causes.

We thank you in advance for understanding and for your continued support. Café Mam is what it is today because of our relationships: from our growers to you, our wonderful customers. And, we look forward to a long and robust relationship with you. Please reach out to us with any additional questions, comments, or concerns.

Team Mam