Green Coffee Lab Results

As a provider of clean, organic coffee, Café Mam regularly tests our green coffee to ensure our customers are getting what they expect from us. We work with Biogen labs in Corbett, Oregon to test every lot of green coffee used in our Therapy Roast. This is a third party laboratory and is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

You can find the test results for the current lot of coffee we are using for Therapy Roast coffee below.

To help customers understand these results, the director of Biogen labs has provided us with the following specs and limits to compare our testing to. These limits are stricter than the normal regulatory limits for testing mycotoxins and yeast/mold in coffee, and have been put together from a food safety perspective, and for the specific purpose of the Therapy Roast:

Yeast should be less than 1,000 colony forming units per gram (Yeast = < 1,000 cfu/g):
Our results: <10 cfu/g*

Mold should be less than 1,000 Colony forming units per gram (Mold = <1,000 cfu/g):
Our results: <10 cfu/g*

Aflatoxin should be less than 20 parts per million (Aflatoxin = < 20 ppm):
Our results: none detected

Ochratoxin should be less than 2 parts per billion (Ochratoxin = < 2 ppb):
Our results: none detected

Pesticides should have none detected (Pesticides = ND):
Our results: none detected

These tests are being conducted on green coffee. It should be noted that the roasting process represents a major kill step.

*A result of <10 cfu/g for any microbe is the same as saying “none detected”
(Note: When there is a mold issue, it is usually in the high hundred thousands to millions cfu/g.)

Green Coffee Lab Results 11/12/21
Green Coffee Lab Results 05/07/22

Green Coffee Pesticide Lab Results 11/12/21
Green Coffee Pesticide Lab Results 05/07/22